Daniel Norton

Photographer, Empath, Podcaster, Human, Educator, Coffee Drinker, Author, Gamer

Daniel Norton (me) is a creator, an educator, and most of all, a student of life and the human condition. We all find a way to connect to the world and for me it has always been through learning about others, not from books, or in a classroom, but by making a personal connection.

Photography helped me tremendously in that way and I was able to make not just a living, but a life out of helping others see themselves as beautiful, but more importantly, as important.

These days I teach photography technique and the philosophy of being a creator (links below) as well as hoping to continue to reach, connect and help my fellow humans – DANIEL, spring 2023

Daniel is available as a speaker for conventions, As well as one on one mentoring.

📖 Author

🎙 Podcaster

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☕️ Coffee Drinker